Joey Vanas / Founder

Joey Vanas is the acting Executive Director and Chairman of the Board for the First Friday Foundation, co-founder and partner in the Life is Beautiful Music Festival, former president of the Las Vegas Arts District, and founder of 6th&FRANKLIN. His experience working with musicians and artists of all kinds is vast, and his industry relationships and knowledge run deep.  

Vanas founded 6th&MUSIC based on the idea that the musicians are the ones who have the greatest potential to effect positive change in the world. The Artist Development Camp was born as a natural progression of his desire to help support and guide young artists to reach their maximum potential, both as musicians and as human beings.


Tatanka Guerrero / managing director

Tatanka Guerrero brings over 15 years of entertainment, events, hospitality, and nightlife experience from Miami Beach, New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. Born in Chile, Guerrero moved to Miami in 1990 at age 10 and fell in love with Miami Beach culture, where he grew up into a world of international music, hospitality, fashion, and design.

Guerrero has managed and developed top DJ's and music producers, nurturing their talent from the earliest stages of their careers to internationally recognized artists. His unique sense of style, deep industry knowledge and relationships, and creative vision make him an invaluable resource for the Artist Development Camp.





Mikey Gaete Manager

Mikey Gaete

Jeoffrey Cheung Content Manager  

Jeoffrey Cheung
Content Manager

Eva Mecham Photographer

Eva Mecham

Rob ON3TRACKMIND Audio Engineer 

Audio Engineer 

Hope Little Creative Writer  

Hope Little
Creative Writer