Joey Vanas  
/ Founder /

Vanas founded 6th&MUSIC on the idea that music makers and visual content creators are the world changers, and helping them in their development is critical. Vanas is also the Executive Director and Chairman of the Board for the First Friday Foundation, Co-founder and Partner in the Life is Beautiful Music and Art Festival, former President and board member of the Las Vegas Arts District, and Founder of 6th&FRANKLIN. His experience working with musicians and visual artists of all kinds is vast, and his industry relationships and knowledge run deep.


Chad Wilson

/ Director / 

Chad Wilson is a 13 year veteran content producer hailing from Los Angeles. His work experience includes a 10 year career at BET Networks, Milk Studios, Mack Sennett Studios, BOXeight Studios, and a laundry list of private, corporate, and celebrity clients. Chad has structured several strategic partnership deals and taken brands to new levels and is bringing the highest level of industry standard to Las Vegas. His mission is to help nurture the talent that represents "Sin City" and evolve it into the "City of Light". As a business developer and creative genius in communications and media, Chad's home at 6th&MUSIC is a perfect place to create a shift in paradigm. His consciousness and awareness for inspiring real change in the world is tangible and his energy is infectious.


Tatanka Guerrero  
/ Director / 

Tatanka Guerrero brings over 15 years of entertainment, events, hospitality, and nightlife experience from Miami Beach, New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo to 6th&MUSIC. Born in Chile, Guerrero moved to Miami as a teen and has since managed and developed top Dj's and music producers, created hospitality and entertainment brands, and directed and managed graphic design and video teams. His understanding of all facets of creative development, unique sense of style, deep industry relationships, and creative vision make him an invaluable resource for the 6th&MUSIC team.


Michael Gaete
General manager /

Michael Gaete is a jack of many trades, with several years of artist management and talent development under his belt working with emerging artists in Los Angeles. A true creative developer with knowledge in all areas of the business, Gaete enjoys helping artists of all kinds bring their creations to life and share them with the world. Michael is also skilled with a camera and enjoys videography and editing.



Jeoffrey Cheung
Content manager /

Hailing from Hong Kong and raised along the coasts of California, Jeoffrey Cheung has been surrounded and influenced by visual art his entire life. Cheung is a fast and adaptive learner and an avid gamer with multi-published work on PaperMag, Vegas Weekly, and Spotify. 'Jeoff' is a digital swiss army knife with skilled experience in Film photography, graphic design, and videography. Cheung's intentions are to help others express themselves and find their voice, and he is an extremely valuable contributor to all areas of 6th&MUSIC.